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The Iraqi Dinar is the currency in Iraq (IQ, IRQ). The exchange rate for the Iraqi Dinar was last updated on June 5, 2023 from MSN. The IQD conversion factor has 4 significant digits.

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Iraqi Dinar (IQD) Iraq

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Currency Conversion Comments


exellent website, very easy to use, well done

Good Site

Very easy to use-I've been looking for this

TW Lochbaum
excellent site

anyone else ever buy the new Iraqi Dinar?

Very up to date

If you have Iraqi Dinar stored in your house, then keep a close eye on the exchange rate all the time.

Daryl Phoenix
New Iraqi Dinar

Yes I bought some new Iraqi Dinar. I keep hearing good things about this investment anyone else heard anything ??

Ease of Use

Less surfing, easy to use, and saves time. For me, the less time I'm on the computer, the better! Yes, I have also purchased the NID and will continue to do so.

Happily Invested
Iraqi Dinar Scam

Don't be fooled, this Iraqi Dinar Investment is a total scam. BEWARE!!!!

Joseph Miles
Future of the Dinar

I bought Dinar when I was in Baghdad. This was several months ago. Anyone have an idea on when we could see a profit?

Finally Home
Dinars Prob Good Investment

Check the kuwaiti dinar after the war with the iraqi's was over in the 90's, now its worth more than the USD. Iraq will be the same after we pull out. It was worth over 3 usd in the 70's before suddam took over

a long time in the making

It will probably take years for a profit to show. Myself and some friends have bought into it. Right now you can only exchange it in Iraq and surronding areas. this won't change until it is recognized by the world market and that is when we expect it to take off.

Iraqi Dinar Waste

Invested in 1'000'000 Iraqi Dinar back several months ago, hearing it would be a smart investment. WRONG. No profits have been made, I only have lost money, but whats new right?

Sell your Dinar back!!

If you don't want to wait to see if Iraq will be a sovereign nation.

I will wait; I see changes here.

Serving a combat tour in Iraq right now.

this site is part of my daily routine and is like playing the lottery everyday and thank you for it. sapper out

profit on iraqi dinar

if iraqi fully control on war and set own state matter.than people earn profit up to 100%,like asiain countory.

Naeem Akhtar Ch.
One born every minute...Iraqi Dinar

"There's a Sucker Born Every Minute"

P. T. Barnum
Iraqi dinar

Yes I've purchased quite a bit of it and hope it goes up, up, up.

Good things come to those who wait!!

My husband was in Iraq for a year and we bought in, no one ever said it would go up overnight, he also said he seen good changes, coming just like the cold war took time I wont give up.

Iraqi Dinars

Yes I've also purchase Iraqi Dinars while here in Iraq (still here). It will happen when the currency is accepted by all banks that it would be a good pay off. 10 mil and waiting. The Kuwait Dinar did justice for me after Desert Storm.... patience is the key.

Miguel Camp Victory, Baghdad, Iraq
keep your dinar

dont be swayed by these idiots that arent aware. the dinar is about to revalue near parity to the dollar. :)

patience is a virtue

Have patience my young jedi apprentice. To become a master takes time.

Yoda Jedi Master
Why buy Iraq Dinar???

I too have invested in the Iraq Dinar. I believe strongly in it regaining strength for various reasons. Almost all the people in the developed world would be aware of Iraq’s rich oil supply. Now that in itself is a good enough reason to look at the stability and growth of the economy – especially as world oil prices soar up and that is one reason why you should invest in the Iraqi Dinar right now. Iraq is also one of the worlds largest supplier of Natural gas. It also has an excellent import/export trade and a great abundance of fresh water, particularly important in this climate. As you can see, these are some very strong attributes to the countries economic growth.
It is hard to imagine a country with such rich resources not gaining strength in it’s economy especially based on the history of it’s currency strength to that of the $US. Here’s another fact – did you know that before the war Iraq Dinar was trading at around $US3.30 to buy 1 Dinar?

Andrew Melbourne - Australia
Iraqi DinarsI

I also bought some Iraqi Dinars and I really do like this site. Thanks. I will be using it everyday now.

Nidya R. Hernandez
Iraqi Dinars

We are all going to be rich if it works out. If not, it would make nice wallpaper.

Just Wait

If you bought it... and it flops... It was a chance worth taking. Unless you put your life savings in it, what have you lost. I went in with several people at work and bought a couple million. Nothing ventured nothing gained.

Dan Oklahoma

Keep hold of them, listen to shotgunsusie as above. :0)

yes it will come back

the dinar will return to pre war levels. just hang on. it will be 2016 and we will all be rich.

cia knows
Rome wasn

I think Andrew from Australia best summed it up for the sceptics! Me personally, I wouldn't invest in anything without doing my homework! This isn't the first time that this opportunity presented itself! Anyone unwilling or unable to wait for this investment to bloom, save your money because the recontruction of Iraq is going to be a time consuming process. The fact that the international community continues to billions into Iraq is a dead give away that something very tasting is brewing over there....(Oil, natural gas soup anyone?) It's surely not out of the kindness of their hearts. You may not like GWB as a president, as wealthy as he is, he can buy new friends. I'll see all you positive minded investors at the bank!!

T.M. Knox - TMK Investments, LLC
Nervous Investment

I am nervous about my investment in the Dinar. But i too will stick around to see the results. And plan on purchasing even more. Just in case it does go up. I mean what the hell what is $700 if it will make you $1,000,000. Right!!!!!!

Sir Brady A. Wolfe
Iraqi Dinars

Where do you buy the Iraqi Dinars? I would like to invest but have never done so before.

hold on, its coming!!

i believe we are all going to be in shock here in the very near future! those friend and coworkers with the to good to be true lines, will all be standing there with the look like a deer caught in the headlights! we can all tell them, you snooze you lose! as work now becomes optional to those of us that had the brain and balls to recognize and grab a once in a lifetime opportunity!! you should all be proud and hang on to what is about to happen! this is the dog!

eric gammeter
Long Term Investment

Something Like This May Take 10 Years. Hang In There And It Could Be The Best Thing That Ever Happend To Your Checkbook.

Tom Ex-Air Force,St. Joseph, Mo
Patience, Patience...

I, too, invested in the Iraqi Dinar. I'm not someone who invests a lot. I don't have the cash to do that. But, I see something that totally makes sense to me. Iraq will come back. I've bought 1,125,000 over the last year and a half. I may buy another million in January. Then, it's a waiting game. It could take a year, five, or 10. I'm willing to wait. Like a previous post said, what's 700 if you get a million out of it? If it turns into nothing, then whatever. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. Here's to the waiting game!

Good feeling

I have a good feeling about it, and I will buy and buy more and more.....

hard to find history

I am trying to find info on the Kuwait dinar, the price during the conflict,and the history of its exchange. The info is hard to come by. Anyone out there who hs this info.? This could be a good indicator as to what to expect from the Iraqi dinar...

Revalue in December 200


Sources tell me a revalue of Dinar in mid-December. Perhaps as much as $1.47 to 1USD

Nervous but a gambler

I just arrived to iraq and keep hearing people talk about this topic. I'm a gambling man and i believe good things will come out of this. It's hard to go down from this price. Live life on the edge and go for it. I'm getting 2 or 3 million. Rolling the dice, my blood is already flowing. Just be patient and let the good times roll.

Moving up

OK, around January and Febuary, 1 Mil in Dinar was worth about 640.00 US dollars, now it is worth 697.00 US dollars, this is not gonna happen overnight and the situation is still unstable, me i'm going to remain optimistic and hope the situation turns for the better.

Beaner in the Army

why dollar is going down and down

look for futher not for pressent

if it does,nt work at pressent don,t worried about it everybody looking for bright futer it mean u are going to be milloineior if u spend ($1000) keep percashing them
best of luck for upcoming futer


$1.32 Dec 15th 2006
just heard, but we shall see. (do not buy on a rumor) I have seen many rumors come and go along with many involved have. With all the news I think this one has the most suport!
what a merry christmas it would be


Dont buy Iraq dinar from "direct dinar" site

This site never reply my question. This worse thing is I have paid some money for them via credit card to buy Iraq dinar and never get the it. Beware! Don't do the same mistakes.

Shotgunsusie hits the pipe.

Take a look here for more of the SGS BS.

rolclub under dinar investments.
She's claiming 12-14-2006 for the reval.

Please note: She's been hyping a new date every month.

StephanieF- Not really her but I know it will p SGS
It Will Only Cost You About $1000.00 Thats Not An Expensive Chance

Take a chance, I spend more than when Im in Vegas. Its not like I will be out big money if nothing ever happens. And well there is nothing but oil in that country so I take the chance, you could be able to make a little something.....

Jimmy F. Fredericksburg, Va
no ulcers here

IT'S going to pay up. Smart investing takes patience,some time it takes nerve. From banks to governments to we the people are going to see a positive out come here . GOOD FORTUNE TO ALL

Rick Libby
This site is out of Date

Check the central Bank of Iraq and the numbers dont jive form this site.
Need to get on top of the game..

total circulation?

Does anyone know what is the total amount of dinars in circulation today as compared with pre-war levels?

4 million more

I have 6 million dinars and will purchase 4 million more for a total of 10 million. I feel it will be 5 to 7 years before it takes off. Hang in there!

where do you buy

Iraqi dinar in the U.S.

r. b.
Not a Millionaire Yet?

Everything takes time. If you payed $700 to $1,000 for a mil in ID thik of it this way. If you bought a lottery ticket and a lotto ticket twice a week and a quick pick lottery every day, are you better off? It is a gamble, building a nation. We did it 200 plus years ago and it was not overnight. I know that If I would have done this after we liberated Kuwait I would be rich today.

Gary Iraq related War s Vet x3

An investment is a chance, if you buy iraqi dinar, you are taking a chance. I am guessing it will take up to 2 years for you to see a a major profit, 10 ID to 1 USD or better. Question is can you invest your money for that long and wait for your investment to pay off.

served and now waiting, Whit
Pre War / Post War Circulation

What is the comparison of pre year 2000 dinar to present circulation ?

I have purchased dinar as well ..

Curious ?
Who exchanges them???

I have over a million also...but where can you cash them in besides Iraq? No banks or exchange companies take them. What about taxes? When you get a million US $ the IRS will want a cut right?

Help me out plz

Hey im new to this site and dont know really whats goin on here....can anyone help me out how much is 25,000 diners converted over to U.S. Currency

where can I purchase iraq dinars besides this site?

I don't know where I can get some of this currency?Any smart guy can help me?

What do you have to loose?

I think if you invest a $1,000 and it bombs then oh well, at least you gave it a try! I've spent more in one weekend on hookers and nose candy! However, if the exchange rate skyrockets then you are literally a Millionaire! Even if it only goes up to a meesley $1 exchange rate. Sure it's a long-term investment, 5 to 10 years maybe longer, big deal. Our government is the result of years of hard work and dedication all dawning from an idea that inspired several individuals long before the signing of our "Decloration of Independance" in 1776 over 200 years ago. You would have to be a fool to think Iraq would be able establish the same result in only a few months or years. However, with the US playing a key role in that development it isn't unrealistic to believe that we could see that change in the not-so-distant future of Iraq. Our US government is directly involved in helping Iraq establish a democarcy. There's absolutely only one reason why our country would have any interest in some shit hole country in the m

"i see stupid poeple" and i
How do you sell it?

So say our dreams come true and the dinar is 1 to 1, how do we go about selling it back? What about taxes? Is our dinars recognized by the us treasury?

Patience , Maturity, Balls

If you don't have these 3 virtues, then stick to the craps tables. I can see that all the negative comments are from children that "want it now". And stop watching the alphabet channels while sucking on your thumbs.

Iraqi Dinar

Heh.. What you people thinking heh..

Getting rich without having to work Heh..

Dream On...

By the way I also bought some Heh..

Best of Luck Heh

been there

I worked Iraq for 13 months. I saw a huge difference before I came home. New schools, homes, new construction every where. Iraq will thrive because the Iraqi people are good people and they are so labor intensive. They will make it work because they want a better life. I have faith in Iraq and so does the many countries who have forgiven most of Iraq's national debt. A lot of money is going into rebuilding Iraq's economy and a lot of countries are working to help them accomplish this task.I brought home 11 mil :)

Patience Please

Don't get edgy. It is an investment that will come good but my safe guess is that it's not you but your children or may be your grand children will benfit more.

Dinar will go up up up and up! :)

I can see BIG dollar signs already! Soon iraq will be restored to normal order and we smart ones in the population of 6 billion people will cast down our gauntlets and proclaim or new found glory! God bless dinar!

Smart dinar investor that will retire young!
Let The Dinar Soar

I have accumulated 40,000,000 dinars and lets wait for it to go up. Anyone interested to do trading would be welcomed. Given the right price ,we can do business. :)

Million Dollar Trader
name the exchange banks in u.s.

i have id, when it comes on the market where do i take it for conversion? please name the banks in america, and provide the method, step by step of the conversion process. i know this will happen, bush is going to make it happen. just listen when he speaks.

Iraqi Dinar

a year before war wath was Iraq’s Dinar value(according to USD)?

Always hope for GOOD

I am also one of the Investor among so many.I bought ID last year.Now I am getting some profit but I hope every investor shall get much profit if he keeps the investment.

M A Rehman
Iraqi dinar

sure if u got some iraqi dinar will be worth so much in future befor the war of 1990 1 ID = 3.30 $ so i think will be same or more than in future too so i think its good business
(but if u dont have the luck dont try )

Ahmed Alsharqi , iraq. baghdad , biap village , beside Camp Vict
buy dinar

If in the U.S. buy it at Chase bank at todays going rate. its safe

My Son

I bought some for my 1yr old son. Hopefully by the time he's my age the'll be worth Millions. HOPEFULLY!


I have also purchased 2 million. And i know that there is lots of (black gold) and gases in this region.

But still some doubts in my mind and i use to gather informations about it so please if any one know some thing more please contact me on

Thank you

Sohail - Paki
new dinar?

i keep hearing words like new dinar, i bought my dinar almost 2 years ago. whats new about that?

still waiting
Iraqi Dinar

how 1=1 if hiest currancy=25000 dinar

if we gain and becoms milliomers then how will lose


can anyone answer the question of what we do with the IQD, like where to exchange, and do we have to pay taxes on it? no! right?!?!

3 tours and waiting PATIANTLY! for $payback$!
Iraqi dinar

I invested as well.
Some history can be found.

You can find many other sites by looking up
"iraqi dinar history" in your search engine like yahoo.

It looks like this is a new currency started on October 15,2003

The old currency is no longer good.

I still feel the value will go up cause their factories are not up and running right now (thats what I read somewhere)

When they get straightened out for the better then they will most likely keep this cuurency and I feel it will go way up.

I'm a modest buyer and only bought about 100,000 dinars.

My advice is to only buy what you can afford and willing to give up in case things don't get better.

not smart

what happens when they change the currency because the country is a bout to face a civil war then all the dinar bought was a waste, it will happen so also just so they can make money off of us

political science major